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  • Model: KO 82201
  • Manufactured by: Oasis

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Excellent for guinea pigs, dwarf rabbits, baby rabbits, sick pets or pets with sore feet or hocks caused by wire floors. Magic Mats interlock together to hold them in place, choose any combination of mat positions that suits your cage and your pet. Be sure to place mats near sleeping areas, food dishes and water bottles; any area of the cage your pet will frequently use.

The Magic Mat gives consistent, comfortable footing for your pet. Older pets that may have trouble walking will find better traction on Magic Mats with minimal bedding (too much bedding bunches up under stiff legs and feet.) For pets kept in aquarium habitats or in metal solid bottom cages, such as those designed specifically for guinea pigs, Magic Mat floor mats add a layer of insulation, keeping feet up off the cold floor in chilly winter weather. Especially effective with heavily pregnant guinea pigs when it is too difficult for the animal to move - prevents her heavy body from hollowing out a nest on the metal floor of her cage as bedding is shifted to either side.

Each mat measures 4" x 8" 3 pack.

KO 82201 Magic Mat 3 pack

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