Fluval 3 Ions Supplement

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Fluval Sea 3-Ions Supplement is a concentrated blend of 3 essential ions - calcium, magnesium and strontium - at proportions that maintain optimal ionic balance. By raising and maintaining optimal levels of calcium, magnesium and strontium, it supports coral growth and helps keep marine aquariums naturally stable.

Fluval Sea 3 Ions contains USP (Pharmaceutical) Grade calcium chloride, magnesium chloride and strontium chloride, which ensure that you're getting a high quality and ultra pure product that's free of unwanted contaminates. It does not contain gluconates, nitrates, phosphates.

Fluval Sea 3-Ions Supplement is strongly recommended to offset ongoing depletion caused by coral absorption, coralline algae and organic compounds.

Available in the following sizes:

HG 18272 Fluval 3 Ions Supplement 8 oz.
HG 18273 Fluval 3 Ions Supplement 16 oz.


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