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  • Model: HI 00001 - 00004
  • Manufactured by: Hiatt

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The New 24 Hour TOTALLY AEROBIC Nitrification Cycle That Keeps Fish Alive!

• Stored correctly has a 5 year shelf life.
• Very easy to use. Follow our easy protocol.
• Right Now! only needs to be used once!
• Add fish five minutes after adding Right Now!
• Bio-resistant to Killer Copper and 7 other heavy metals, Dosages of Methylene Blue and Malachite Green will not kill Right Now!
• Consumes Phosphates.
• Safe to use in Reef and Non-Reef tanks.
• Allows you to set up your tank or pond in One Day! No longer must you wait 4 to 6 weeks to cycle your tank. (see: Aerobic Nitrate Reduction & 24 Hour Cycle for full details how to cycle your tank in 24 hours.)
• Can be added to existing aquariums and ponds when following our protocol, with positive effects.
• Right Now! is laboratory proven to reduce Nitrates - Aerobically, the only product on the market to do so.

Available in 25 & 60 gal. containers.

HI 00001 Right Now Freshwater 25 gal.
HI 00002 Right Now Freshwater 60 gal.
HI 00003 Right Now Saltwater 25 gal.
HI 00004 Right Now Saltwater 60 gal.


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