AquaClear 70 Filter Inserts

  • Model: HG 10616 - 11416
  • Manufactured by: Hagen

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Ammonia Remover Insert:

- Removes and controls harmful ammonia
- Ideal for new or heavily populated aquariums
- Helps keep ammonia levels within tolerable limits
- Provides numerous bacterial attachment points
- Recommended for FRESH WATER USE only

Activated Carbon Insert:

- Superior adsorption of impurities
- Broad spectrum organic compound removal
- Improves water clarity, color and odor
- Supports beneficial bacterial colonies
- Removes chlorine, smoke and aerosol spray contaminants
- Does not change water characteristics
- For fresh and salt water

Foam Insert:

- Mechanically filters dirt and debris
- Tailored fit prevents bypass
- Large capacity for waste capture
- Porous construction provides numerous bacterial attachments
- Long lasting and reusable
- For fresh and salt water use

Zeo-Carb Insert:

- Combines activated carbon and ammonia remover in one
- Removes toxic ammonia, odours, discoloration and impurities
- Immense surface area for beneficial bacteria to populate

Bio-Max Insert:

- Increases biological filtration efficiency by 30%
- Enhances ammonia and nitrite reduction

Value 3 packs also available.

Filter types:

HG 10616 AquaClear 70 Filter Ammonia Remover
HG 10617 AquaClear 70 Filter Activated Carbon
HG 10618 AquaClear 70 Filter Foam
HG 10619 AquaClear 70 Filter Zeo-Carb
HG 11373 AquaClear 70 Filter Biomax
HG 11386 AquaClear 70 Filter Activated Carbon 3 Pack
HG 11396 AquaClear 70 Filter Foam 3 Pack
HG 11416 AquaClear 70 Filter Ammonia Remover


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