Cichlid Flakes by OSI

  • Model: OS 0014 - 0044
  • Manufactured by: OSI Fish Food

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In their natural habitat, cichlids tend to feed more on animal rather than plant materials. Because of their predatory nature, they are very active. O.S.I Cichlid Flakes are formulated with high levels of animal proteins to meet the carnivorous feeding habits of most South and Central American and African Cichlids. High levels of fat provide energy for these active simmers. Natural color-enhancing pigments keep their bright color vivid and beautiful.

Crude Protein, min. 46%
Crude Fat, min. 7%

* High Protein
* Color-Enhancing Pigments
* Spiruina
* Vitamins Including Stabilized Vitamin C
* Contains Garlic
* Natural Attractants

Available in the following sizes:

OS 0044 Cichlid Flake Fish Food .72 oz.
OS 0014 Cichlid Flake Fish Food 1.09 oz.
OS 0024 Cichlid Flake Fish Food 2.24 oz.


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