Living World Brome Hay

  • Model: HG 61195


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Living World® Brome Hay is a 100% natural source of essential long-strand fiber that helps stimulate digestion. The aromatic hay has a coarse texture and earthy flavor that entice pets and encourage hay consumption. Brome Hay is a complementary food for any diet and should be fed free-choice. It is nutritionally similar to Timothy Hay but has a different flavor that adds variety to your small pet’s diet. Brome Hay also provides environmental enrichment by encouraging natural foraging behavior. It also provides comfy nesting material. Mix Brome Hay with other Living World® Hays to produce natural, earthy and nutritious combinations for your pet! The complete line of Living World® Hays is specially grown and blended to help meet the nutritional needs of small animals. Each bag is quality assured to provide essential nutrients. Every Living World® Hay has a unique texture and aroma that enhances its taste, while the high-fiber content promotes excellent digestion and helps prevent obesity, digestive upset and diarrhea. Feeding Living World® Hays helps minimize dental disease and assists in dental maintenance. 567 g (20 oz)


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