Zilla Slimline Fixtures with Bulbs

  • Model: ES 00728 - 00730
  • Manufactured by: Zilla

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Slimline Fluorescent Fixtures offer high-quality Zilla fluorescent lighting in a convenient, ready-to-use fixture complete with bulb. The fixture is compact (21"x 4.25"x 2") and lightweight, making it easy to install and suitable for applications where space is limited. Slimline Fixtures are equipped with a "rapid start" ballast and may be used with a timer.
Slimline Fixtures are available in:

Slimline All-Purpose Blacklight Lamp, make your Arachnids GLOW, makes a great party light, check for urine stains.
The Desert 7 lamp simulates natural daylight while producing 7% UVB and additional UVA rays to promote proper calcium absorption and bone growth in reptiles.

ES 00730 Slimline Fixture with Blacklight Bulb
ES 00728 Slimline Fixture with Desert 7 Bulb


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