The 25 Best reptile and Amphibian Pets

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The 25 Best reptile and Amphibian Pets, by R. D. Bartlett. Every terrarium hobbyist and prospective owner of reptiles or amphibians will want to read, reread, and constantly refer to this fact-filled, color-illustrated book. It offers enthusiasts detailed advice and information on everything from choosing and acquiring an animal to its feeding, housing, breeding, and health care.
The author, an expert herpetologist, discusses advantages and disadvantages of acquiring captive-bred animals verses collecting them from the wild. He also advises on which reptiles and amphibians amateurs should avoid collecting, how to maintain hygienic and properly heated and lighted cages and terrariums, and how to treat the animals’ injuries and ailments. Finally, he names and describes the 25 best reptiles and amphibians for hobbyists to acquire and maintain, and tells why they are the best. Among them are the Corn Snake, the Garter Snake, the African Fat-tailed Gecko, the Red-footed Tortoise, the Green Treefrog, and 20 more. Color photos throughout. Paperback 160 Pages, 2006.


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