Tri-Krill Supplement Pump 500

  • Model: NEW90361
  • Manufactured by: NWC Naturals


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Tri-KRILL™ by NWC Naturals is a triple strength formula with AstaREAL for maximum Krill Oil benefits.
Tri-KRILL™ for pets - is the king of all fatty acids food supplements.
- Easy to use gel capsules, no fishy breath
- The most astaxanthin per serving than any other krill oil product on the market.
- Tri-KRILL™ has an extract of Krill sourced directly from the Antarctic; the AstaKrill blend which combines the power of Krill Phospholipids with 12mg of astaxanthin per serving in an easy-to-take soft gel.

How does fish oil compare to krill oil?
- Krill oil contains a higher concentration of Omega 3 fatty acids, and also contains Astaxanthin, which is an added nutritional benefit.
- It does not contain mercury and therefore there is no added risk of heavy metal poisoning.
- In addition, Krill Oil contains highly bioavailable EPA and DHA which can aid in cognitive function, and help fight inflammation.
- Krill Oil is FOUR times more potent than Fish Oil and therefore has four times the benefit!
- Because of the Astaxanthin in krill oil; this puts it to the top of the list of all omega-3 fatty acids sources.

NWC90361 Tri-Krill Pump 500 Pumps


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