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My name is Caroline and I am the Chief Security Officer at Creative Pet Supply, I was originally homeless on the street and was rescued by ANIMALS RULE RESCUE. I was up for adoption for almost two years, during this time I was trained by my predecessor Koa (a German Shepard from the Los angles Harbor Police). I was thrust into my current position by Koa's sudden untimely death from cancer at the young age of 4-1/2 years, we all miss him very much!

One of my favorite jobs is toy and treat testing with the other members of the testing panel, Miss Mia, my second in command, Mr. Wicket, Miss. Rita, Mr. Newton, and Miss. Ginger. We personally test every treat, supplement, and toy that we stock our favorite treats are by SMOKEHOUSE, REAL MEAT, and NATURAL PET TREATS, we all take a dose of CANINE WELLNESS By SeaTec to stay in tip top shape.

If you need help making a selection, advice or information on any of the products listed in our catalog, give us a call at 800 227-0001.
If you are in the neighborhood drop by and say hi! Our warehouse is open to the public form 10 am to 6 pm M-F and 10-4 on Saturday.

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