Seatec Vita Health Bird Spirulina Supplement

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  • Manufactured by: Seatec

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Seatec Vita Health Bird Spirulina Supplement, a 100% natural multi-vitamin supplement high in carotenoids such as beta carotene, beta zeaxanthin, beta cryptoxanthin, alpha carotene along with amino acids, chlorophyll, phytonutrients, GLA, B-vitamins and a host of enzymes, minerals and trace elements. Vita-Health Spirulina is the perfect supplement for all avian species. It is well documented that birds need high levels of vitamin A in their diet. Birds found in the wild are able to obtain vitamin A in the safe form of carotenoids such as beta carotene found in certain types of fruits and plant material. However, in captivity most foods do not provide the necessary levels of Vitamin A. Most supplements on the market use straight vitamin A which can become toxic especially when used along with a pelleted diet. Vita-Health Spirulina is a natural form of vitamin A and completely safe without the risk of toxicity. Birds naturally process the beta carotene into Vitamin A as their body requires it. Vita-Health Spirulina is used in hand feeding formula to increase growth rates and strengthen the immune system in baby birds. It is also fed to breeding stock to increase fertility and hatch rates. Vita-Health Spirulina is used by zoos, breeders, veterinarians and bird lovers all over the world simply because it works.

Available in the following sizes:

SE 10400 Vita Health Bird 3.5 oz.
SE 10454 Vita Health Bird 16 oz.


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