Air Curtain Air Diffusers

  • Model: HG 10992 - 10997
  • Manufactured by: Hagen

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- The Power Agitator
- Flexible, porous air tubes with large surface area
- Provide powerful aeration and water agitation
- Complete with ceramic weights to hold in place
- Can be formed into many shapes to produce beautiful bubble displays and air curtains
- Requires very little pressure
- Does not consume oxygen vital to fish
- Include cleaning ring that slides along the tube to prevent clogging
- Safe for fresh or salt water

ELITE air curtain can be used in numerous shapes to create spectacular highlights in any aquarium. Straight or curved are easily shaped, or thread the air curtain through ornaments, plants or rockworks for a beautiful aquatic world. The ELITE air curtain is extremely permeable, producing a full curtain of bubbles without strong air resistance.

Available in the following sizes:

HG 10992 Air Curtain Air Diffuser 4"
HG 10993 Air Curtain Air Diffuser 8"
HG 10994 Air Curtain Air Diffuser 15"
HG 10995 Air Curtain Air Diffuser 23"
HG 10996 Air Curtain Air Diffuser 35"
HG 10997 Air Curtain Air Diffuser 47"


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