Rapids Mini Canister Filter

  • Model: OE 01300


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The Rapids Mini Canister is a compact and efficient canister filter. Providing 3-stage filtration, mechanical, chemical and biological, aerating and filtering the water every hour. The Rapids Canister Filter has a self priming, top mounted sealed motor with a flow rate of 80gph. For aquariums up to 20 gallons, the canister is lightweight enough to hang directly on the back of the aquarium.

Mechanical filtration is provided by the replaceable floss roll impregnated with highly activated carbon. The floss roll is a dense, highly absorbent material that traps particulate material and debris. Chemical filtration is supplied by the exceptionally adsorbing activated carbon which removes dissolved organic impurities. Biological Filtration is provided by the Super Porous Ceramic Cylinders where beneficial bacteria work to remove toxic ammonia and nitrite.


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