Garden Goodness Small Bird

  • Model: ZP 51200


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The Perfect Balance of Fun and Nutrition for Your Highly Intelligent BirdThis ZuPreem diet is enjoyed by cockatiels, budgerigars, small conures, lovebirds, Quakers, caiques, parrotlets, Senegals, Meyer's, and Jardine's parrots, parakeets, and other small hookbills and softbills, and any other bird that prefers this nugget size.Wholesome nutritious nuggets are mixed with nature's fruits and veggies to provide a more natural eating experience in this everyday diet. With the quality you've come to expect from every ZuPreem product. Delicious mix of tastes, colors, shapes, and textures satisfies your bird's senses.Variety provides a fun eating experience for your highly intelligent bird.Convenient and ready-to-eat food--no more slicing and dicing.Nuggets with no added colorants for a more natural diet.Red and green peppers, apples, tomatoes, and peas are foods birds enjoy.Balanced nutrition fortified with essential vitamins and minerals your bird needs daily for excellent health. Naturally preserved with vitamins E and C.

Available in 2 lb. bags.


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