Dogzilla Rope Toys

  • Model: BO 53312 - 53315
  • Manufactured by: Booda

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Meet Dogzilla®, the King of your Canine's Senses- the ultimate product designed to appeal to your dog’s 5 senses. Infused with protein, this rubber toy has the right taste, color, smell, and shape for your pup!

Dogzilla is packed with protein, which your dog can taste, making this a mouth-watering toy.

Dogzilla combines the smell of protein and the scent of vanilla to make this rubber toy a treat your pup will sit up and beg for.

This toy has been specifically designed for canine sight. Dogs see shades of blue like humans do, whereas many other colors only register in certain shades. Dogs are also great detectors of movement, so the wobbly shapes catch and keep their attention.

These tough rubber toys will exercise your pup's jaw muscles and the shapes will allow dogs to hold on to them while playing and chewing!

The quiet of rubber ensures that there will be no sounds to scare your pup and will also bring the beautiful sound of silence to your home as your dog plays quietly and happily with Dogzilla!

Available in the following sizes:

Mini size for dogs up to 8 lbs.
Small size for 8-18 pound dogs.
Medium size for 18-44 pound dogs.
Large size for 44-85 pound dogs.

BO 53312 Dogzilla Rope Mini
BO 53313 Dogzilla Rope Small
BO 53314 Dogzilla Rope Medium
BO 53315 Dogzilla Rope Large


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