Dogit Pet Cargo by Hagen

  • Model: HG 76725 - 76745

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The folks at Hagen have designed the Dogit Pet Cargo to meet or exceed the exacting standards of airline regulations, while also meeting the needs of owners who travel with their pets. Pet Cargo crates are also great for "crate training" your pooch.
Available in 5 sizes, every carrier is equipped with the Carry-On-Portable Accessory Compartment, a convenient storage area for food, grooming items. Optional casters are available. The Accessory Compartment locks securely onto all Pet Cargo units but is easily removed for separate transport. A custom-designed water bowl is also included with every carrier.

Your pet needs to fit comfortably in the carrier. Ensure that there is enough room for your pet to stand fully erect, at its adult size.

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HG 76725 Pet Cargo 500 19.5" x 27" x 19" *Maximum height of dog 19"
HG 76730 Pet Cargo 600 22.25" x 32.5" x 23" *Maximum height of dog 23"
HG 76735 Pet Cargo 700 26" x 36.5" x 26.5" *Maximum height of dog 26"
HG 76740 Pet Cargo 800 29.5" x 41" x 30" *Maximum height of dog 30"
HG 76745 Pet Cargo 900 32" x 48.5" x 35.5" *Maximum height of dog 35"


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